4 Things That You Can Build With Awesome New Super-Sized Lego-like Bricks

Ok, now this is such a cool idea, it’s amazing to us here at Science Rocks My World that it hasn’t been thought of before!  We found this great article over on GeekWire.com that shows some excellent examples of useful things you can actually build with these new Lego-like blocks that are made by a startup named EverBlock out of New York.

According to the GeekWire  article:

EverBlock‘s modular building blocks allow you to create almost anything you could with Legos. Blocks can easily be put together to create furniture, walls, art installations and more.
The blocks come in four styles, 12 colors and don’t require any other parts or tools to assemble objects. You can purchase them separately or in “packs,” with prices starting around $5 per piece.

Ok, so what is the coolest thing you can think of that you could build with these giant-sized Legos?  Well, check the next page for the answer to that!


Bizarre Giant Sea Scorpion Discovered In Iowa

An ancient, giant sea scorpion measuring almost 6 feet long (2 meters) that lived 467 million years ago has been discovered by research scientists at Yale University. The newly-found scorpion fossil was named Pentecopterus decorahensis, and has many unique characteristics that have not been seen before.

Originally reported by the BBC, this great article on the Mirror reports some excellent details:

A monstrous sea scorpion measuring six-feet-long that lived 467 million years ago has been discovered.

The creature was one of the most powerful ocean predators of its time, with a ‘helmet’ shielding its head and large grasping limbs for trapping prey.

Scientists have named the beast Pentecopterus decorahensis, after the “penteconter”- an ancient Greek ship rowed by 50 oarsmen that saw service in the Trojan War.

Although they look like relatives of lobsters or crabs, sea scorpions, or “eurypterids”, were in fact the ancestors of modern spiders.

Lead researcher Dr James Lamsdell, from Yale University in the US, said: “The new species is incredibly bizarre. The shape of the paddle – the leg which it would use to swim – is unique, as is the shape of the head. It’s also big – over a meter-and-a-half long!

Check the next page for a full artist’s rendering of what this “monster” looked like…