[VIDEO] NASA’s Cassini will be Flying Through Enceladus Ice Plumes Today – Here’s a Preview

NASA’s Cassini has flown by Saturn’s moon Enceladus several times and produced very interesting data and observations about the moon. Ice plumes erupt from the South Pole of Enceladus and may contain clues to whether microbial or rudimentary life exists in the oceans that lurk below the icy surface of the moon. Scientists speculate that the very warm sub-surface oceans may host life that is similar to that which exists on Earth near volcanic vents in the oceans. Although Cassini is not designed to detect that kind of thing, It will be flying through the ice plumes today to make additional “up close and personal” observations about them.

This fantastic video from the ScienceAtNASA YouTube channel gives a great preview of what is about to happen:

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