To Prevent Cavities, Swish With These Bacteria

So the really weird part is that this new mutant bacteria thrives on sugar… so in the near future, dentists may give you what seems like really strange advice: “Rinse with this mouthwash and eat all the chocolate you want!”

Here’s what Dentist Jeffrey Hillman, the lead researcher in the study, says about that:

“The effector strain didn’t cause tooth decay even when the animals were fed a high-sugar diet. In fact, sugar actually helps our strain to colonize,” Hillman said. “It is genetically stable and should be safe for humans.”

Hillman’s new strain does not cause disease or predispose the host to other diseases. It also appears to stay permanently on teeth. Hillman said he believes the effector strain can eliminate most tooth decay.

But the question is: if dentists start recommending eating lots of sugar, then will our already obese population get more obese and have to deal with disorders and diseases associated with obesity?  Interesting question, but not one that this team studied.

So how effective is this new strain? We cover the surprising answer on the next page…