Six Incredible SciFi Space Technologies That Are Becoming Real!

That’s right, what’ on the not-so-distant horizon is in-space fabrication by robotic space spiders…  Insane! It’s 3-D printing in space! Here’s a great artist’s conception from the article:

Artist’s conception of robotic 3-D printing construction in space using carbon fibers. (Credit: Tethers Unlimited)


And then there’s Planetary Resources idea to refuel spacecraft from fuels mined from near-earth asteroids… and, hey, how about a space elevator? Yes, that is one more SciFi concept that turns out to have a good basis in physics and also has an annual conference at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  Just incredible.  Check out the great article over on for more details on all of these technologies and links to more info on all of this insane tech that is on the way!

Source: – Six small steps that could add up to giant leaps for spaceships 

Featured Image Credit: UW Advanced Propulsion Lab