Computer Researchers Invent AI to Predict Movie Profits

The study found these factors have the strongest correlation for a movie to turn a profit:

  • Director–cast partnership, if the cast and director have a history of making profitable movies together
  • The average gross of a director’s previous movies
  • Winter release
  • A cast of actors who have a history of making profitable movies
  • Annual profit percentage by genre

The researchers put their algorithm to the test to predict if some movies that will be released this year will turn at least a $7.3 million profit.

  • Nice Guys, a big-budget summer release starring A-listers Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, 39 percent probability.
  • Zootopia, an animated movie from the producers of Frozen, 55 percent profitability.
  • The Boss, a comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell, 25 percent probability.
  • Before I Wake, a horror film about a boy whose nasty dreams come to life, 13 percent probability.
  • Warcraft, based on the popular World of Warcraft game, 39 percent probability.
  • Miles Ahead, a biopic of jazz legend Miles Davis starring Oscar-winner Don Cheadle, 16 percent probability.

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