30 Genes That Extend Lifespan and Health

After much research, scientists discovered there were just 30 genes that played a major roll in longevity and overall health. These thirty genes were discovered in all three of the animals they tested on, but they are also in humans. Altering any one of these genes can cause better health and longevity.

According to Futurity

In order to detect these genes, the researchers examined around 40,000 genes in the nematode C. elegans, zebrafish, and mice. By screening them, the scientists wanted to determine which genes are regulated in an identical manner in all three organisms during each comparable aging stage: young, mature, and old.

As a measure of gene activity, the researchers measured the amount of messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules found in the cells of these animals. mRNA is the transcript of a gene and the blueprint of a protein. When there are many copies of an mRNA of a specific gene, it is very active; the gene is unregulated.

By conducting experiments in which the mRNA of the corresponding genes were selectively blocked, the researchers pinpointed their effect on the aging process in nematodes. With a dozen of these genes, blocking them extended lifespan.

One of these genes proved to be particularly influential: the bcat-1 gene. “When we blocked the effect of this gene, it significantly extended the mean lifespan of the nematode by up to 25 percent,” says Ristow.

For additional details on this study, see the very interesting article on Futurity’s website.


Source: Futurity.org – “30 GENES OUT OF 40,000 EXTEND LIFESPAN

Featured Image Credit:  iStockphoto